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BibleMax Interfaith Pack 1.0

BibleMax add-in featuring Sacred Books of different faiths
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BibleMax is a free program that lets you read and study the Scriptures in your computer screen, using the modern technology. Containing several versions of the Bible, the program also can be complemented with add-ins that interlock perfectly with the basic program. One of these additional programs is the Interfaith Pack, also known as Interfaith Explorer. This is a collection of Sacred texts from five different religions: Buddhism, Baha'i, Islam, Hinduism and Zoroastrism and includes important and historic books such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Eightfold Path and the Q'uran, among others, allowing you to read, study and compare one with another, and with the Bible itself. You can copy any part of the texts to paste it on another text application such as Microsoft Word. Also, it is possible to preview and print the books.
Another interesting feature is the Search option. You can use it to find any word or phrase in the texts. First, you must choose the book where you want to perform your search and type the word(s) you want to find. The program will show the findings in the Results page.
In short, this is a valuable addition to your basic BibleMax software.

Victor Hernandez
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